Jimal defends Amber, tells Amira to be grateful to her for making her famous

Jimal has described Amber Ray as having been genuinely in love with him

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Jimal has paid glowing tribute to Amber for not aggravating any confrontation that arose from Amira.

• Jimal tells Amira to be grateful to Amber for making her famous

Matatu Owners Association (MOA) chairman Jamal ‘Roho Safi’
Matatu Owners Association (MOA) chairman Jamal ‘Roho Safi’

Businessman Jimal Rohosafi has told his now ex-wife Amira that she owes Amber Ray gratitude for making her famous.

In a tell-all interview with Mungai Eve, Jimal bashed Amira for being obsessed with social media and always exposing their lives.

Jimal has paid glowing tribute to Amber for not aggravating any confrontation that arose from Amira.

He said that Amber chose to end their marriage and move out over the abuse.

"Yeye alipata Amber kwa hiyo estate, we knew each other as neighbors, I had been with Amber as a buddy, so Amira found us living there already,".

He also said Amira was aware he was dating Amber.

"Si ati hakuwa anajua.There was no way ati I would stamp and tell her I'm married. You cannot just go and tell her I'm dating, so I took time to tell Amira, and I told her I would come to marry a second wife if these things are not working out,".

The two women started fighting and Amira started demanding an apology.

"She wanted me to apologize like Harmonize I buy a Range Rover, I told her I am a business person siokoti pesa chini."

Amber had left her home over the constant fights.

Despite Ambers's exit, Amira continued to argue with Jimal.

"I told her not to forget that Amber made her famous, so she should be grateful".

Jimal sadly described Amber's exit as God's time.

in the past
Jimal Rohosafi with Amira in the past
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"Everyone was idle at that time, Kenya nzima so hizo madrama hizo zote pia she also got fame," he said about claims that Amber ray made him popular.

Jimal told Eve that a lot of his arguments with Amira were about Amber

"It was a win-win situation so I cannot say anything bad about Amber because yeye alikuwa is genuinely in love and even when we were dating I didn't know Amber was famous. the funniest thing, I only knew she was Amber that's it"

Jimal added that Amira's obsession with Amber led to more conflict in their marriage.

"I told her not to forget that Amber made her famous and that constantly bringing up my mistakes was wrong,".

He also added that they both had egos, and wouldn't back down in arguments.

Amber Ray did not bring crisis online drama; "Hakuna siku Amber alileta crisis. That thing I can testify even to my grave. the entire issue was from my first wife"

He claimed Amber was peaceful and never wanted confrontations, but it still happened.

"That's why alihama mapema ajitoe kwa hii shida. If she wanted that war she would have stayed, but she didn't So all that war was brought by my first wife. Kama angekuwa amenyamazia ingekuwa ni sawa, there would have been no pressure, she didn't believe I can marry a second wife,".

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