The horrifying call Awinja received from her brother before his death

Jacky Vike has told of how her brother called her when he was dying

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Jacky Vike aka Awinja's young brother was gunned down by police.

• The actress has recalled receiving a horrifying phone call from her younger brother sounding alarmed. 

Jacky Vike alias Awinja
Image: Instagram

Jacky Vike is healing after years of trauma over the brutal death of her brother.

It's almost ten years since he died. She has honoured him throughout her career, as he was the cheerleader for her career.

The actress has recalled receiving a horrifying phone call from her younger brother sounding alarmed. 

He sounded like he was in deep trouble, according to her account.

She was speaking to the Mic cheque podcast in a conversation about her career, and personal journey among other topics.

"I was in a a vehicle ont he way to Kenyatta kulikuwa beshte ya mother yangu alikuwa hosi so niko hapo ndani I got a call"

"nikashika hivi*indicating phone to ear* alianza tuu hello Jacky, kanda, and he was crying"

She quickly hangs up over the shock. Her cries worried fellow passengers as they sought to know why she was wailing.

"I told them a sick person at the hospital had died"

"You know I can't tell them ati my brother who was a thief was killed. They would have shouted yes auliwe coz you know people are angry kama umeshawai ibiwa.

Jacky told how close the two were and she would often call him to check on his safety whenever she heard gunshots ringing in the air.

"So I used to live in fear" and that motivated her to work hard and move out of the ghetto they lived in.

It was not an easy journey dealing with life after his funeral.

"Sometimes when my mum was outside cleaning and his friends passed by, they would greet her happily and she would look at them and burst into tears remembering her late son"

It was so hard on the family that even in the village, a decision was made to bury him at night over his lifestyle choice.

"If you kill yourself utatandikwa kwanza so we were told he will be buried at night " but her mother stood her ground and refused.

"She refused tuka mzika kama kawaida. Even pastors didnt want to be at the burial"

He was buried with weed, "ilikuwa bhangi na pombe zote za shida".

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