Harmonize yet to report Diamond to BASATA over music earnings

He was signed to WCB in 2015 for a ten year contract

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•Harmonize a few weeks ago said he has not earned any money

•He accused someone of keeping his earnings

Rayvanny with Diamond Platnumz in the past.
Image: Instagram

Harmonize is yet to lodge a formal complaint about WCB to BASATA about being denied his music royalties.nces, weeks after making some sensational claims.

On February 21, Harmonize alleged that he has never earned a coin from his former label WCB and a company named Ziiki where he claimed they are conspiring to defraud him his earnings.

BASATA now says Harmonize has not taken action as had threatened to.

Kedmon Mapana from BASATA told the press that "halijafika kwetu. As an authroty we cannot take action until the artiste makes a formal complaint. Harmonizes own proteges have made a complaint abotu hsi label and we helped them, tukatatua and he agreed to everything. So if he has a complaint then he shoudl d the same we are ready to help him" he told East Africa TV in an interview Friday March 3.

He claimed that over the last 7 years, an unamed person has been getting his cut.

Konde Boy in an onlien rant indicated he was frustrated, and would report the matter.

"I know you can’t believe this but I have never collected 1.USD from publishing all the music that I’ve been dropping over 7 years 🤔 Over 💯 HIT SONGS remember I own the Master but I don’t know who is collecting 💰 💰🤷‍♂️" began the musician.

He went on to add, "Lol I need them Back Remember I have one 👧 I’m here for her Future I need Good Life 2 worked so hard to be here. Masemango Manyanyaso Matusi Kudhalilishwa then Some One chopping my money like that @mziiki you are responsible to show me a way to get all this is. If you don’t know then I’m leaving in the MORNING I will thank You For Having me 🙏"

Harmonize even said he has not seena coin from his collabo Kwangwaru with Diamond.

"Even Kwangwaru 🤷‍♂️ over 100.m some one chopping that money so comfortable kama Katanga yeye usikute ndio maana walikuwa wanapambana sanaa nipotee walijua nikifika hii level ya Sasa wata tapika !!!! Usumbufu Utajitokeza it’s time baby boys this nigger need his 💰💰💰I don’t like fighting but I have to." The post reads.

The details off Harmonizes contract with WCB became public knowledge in 2021 when he told of his frustration with Diamonds label.

The contract was so airtight that his exit fee was sh600mil.

The release clause was to be paid in two instalments but Harmonize wasnt able to do so.

He sold three houses and the pay off stalled.

“Even after I had struggled to raise the remaining Sh200 million, an additional Sh100 million fine was slapped on me allegedly for making appearances at the National Stadium and many other issues,” said Harmonize.

He was signed to WCB in 2015 for a ten year contract where it was agreed Harmonize would take 40 per cent earning, while Diamond took the rest .

The ‘Kainama’ hit maker also claimed that the WCB management slandered him after he started to become a household name in Tanzania, and was starting to be seen as Diamond rival.

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