Angie Baddie hitmaker Boutrouss Munene reveals why he likes 'big older women'

Get to know Angie (baddie) hitmaker Boutross Munene

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•His hit song Angela is making waves online especially on tiktok

Angie Baddie hitmaker Boutross Munene
Angie Baddie hitmaker Boutross Munene

The song Angela (baddie) hit song has become an anthem to Nairobians since its release this January.

It has gained 1.5 million views.The youngin behind the hit, Boutrous Munene is also gaining fame and has also worked with Trio Mio in a collabo dubbed Demand that debuted in November 2022.

Speaking to Oga Obinna, Munene told that he has a special vibe in the music.

He describes his music genre as sharp

"That's rap and sheng side of music, mixing sheng and rap"

He loves cooking

"I am a chef, I love cooking so much from my young age up to now"

Is he high all the time?

"I'm high on life,"

Laughing about peoples' perception that he is always high in songs, Boutrous insisted he has misunderstood

"It's my personality I do like a lot of orange juice, and water, I know people don't believe me,

Speaking on his grills he shared

 "This grillz I call them slugs so that when I smile I want you to see your rent, it cost a bag, One is 5k, so calculate all of them, it's silver.

Ni swag you know culture yetu ya rap, drip is part of the art, also I love them so much, I am a star"

The 'Angela baddie' hitmaker is also a producer.

"I learned to produce on youtube, I was so tired of going to the Studio every time, so I tried on youtube, that was 5/6years ago"

He is also a dancer as he claims, a skill that started in High School. He also wanted to be a football star, but those dreams died.

The South C native opened up about his musical journey

"It has been in me since I was a kid, I won nationals twice in Class six/7, and then funny enough when I was in High School I was also a dancer."

He describes his Mawingu EP as his best performing ever. It has 8 tracks.

"Just to have come back to the scene is one of the best performing for me. The Angela challenge is half a billion. These are crazy numbers. I appreciate Kenyans."

Angie is not a person,

"If you see in the video we saw Angie is what you describe your woman or your preference of a woman is"

Is he dating?

"I'm not just lucky with women they like me but they just don't like me, they like me like me like that, but they can't stand me like that"

Is he a bad boy to explain his dating status?

"Sometimes relationships in this circle of ours are just too much, for me it's just too much kuna maswali mingi where.... , everyone needs love sometimes."

He opened up about a bad experience dating 

I'm around too many....The last relationship nilikuwa nayo niliteteshwa sana kwasababu hata hataki ni ...hata siwezi piga picha na watu.

So I dont want to be in a situation where I have to keep on explaining what I am doing until I feel that situation imefika"

But as of now I am just I'm in between beats, and hit songs"

His preferred woman of choice

"Me I prefer big older women, not older ati ile ya 30, 45 no no no,"

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