12 Things you didn't know about Andrew Kibe aka Mr. Lambistic

He relocated to the US after leaving his job at Kiss 100.

• Kibe is a former Kiss 100 presenter.

• He is known as Mr Lambistic by his fans.

Andrew Kibe
Image: Facebook

Former radio presenter Andrew Kibe has been trending thanks to his advise to Kenyan men.

He is known for calling out men who he feels are not living up to the standards set by them.

Here are things you did not know about Andrew also known by his fans as Mr Lambistic.

1. He was born in 1976.

2. Kibe is a former church member and a pastor.

3. He is an alumnus of Nairobi Milimani School

4. He hosted a show alongside Kamene Goro at NRG before the duo was poached by Kiss 100.

5. Kibe lost his car and was rendered homeless for a while after losing his job at Kiss 100 in 2020.

6. He is the founder of Rogue Radio Project (It's offices have since been closed).

7. Andrew Kibe quit his role as a pastor as he could not lie well enough.

8. Kibe met one of his ex wife while serving in church. 

9. He is officially divorced as he had married his ex through a church wedding.

10. His wife wife worked as a Casino attendant.

11.  His Nissan Teana taken up by auctioneers as he was trying to raise cash for his business.

12. He currently lives in the US. 

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