Daddy Owen makes serious claims about LGBTQ community

The artist has come out hard about the community trying to get recognition in Kenya

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The gospel singer said that he has received threats of being denied a visa to the United States and also being banned from social media due to his anti-LGBTQ objections.

Daddy Owen.
Image: Instagram/Daddy Owen.

Last Friday, a panel of judges of the Supreme Court passed a decision to legalize the integration of groups of same-sex lovers, a decision that has been met with a lot of opposition.

For more than three days now, various groups have come out in public to condemn the court's decision, saying that the judges are trying to justify sin.

Longtime gospel musician Daddy Owen has also ventured into the debate and raised serious concerns about the conspiracy of LGBTQ groups to spread their agenda in the country.

Owen, who was speaking in an interview with a certain radio station, revealed that he had seen how LGBTQ people plan to push their agenda in schools, aiming to persuade students to join the same-sex community.

He said that in the secret document, they list how they will achieve this by visiting schools pretending to give advice to children about mental health but in it preaching the LGBTQ gospel.

"As a parent first, I cannot agree. Second, I'm a gospel musician, I can't agree. Right now, this is not just for the gospel, it has entered the whole country.

I have been sent a very secret document, the plot is to enter the school to say it is about counseling and training about mental health. And we have seen that agenda from a distance, it will not be accepted!" the singer said passionately.

The artist said he knows what will happen to him due to his strict stance on LGBTQ, including being banned from his social networks and being denied a visa to go to the United States.

But he stood firm and said that he is not afraid of anything and does not intend to go to the United States.

"I don't want to go to America, they say they are blocking my Instagram, let them close, we preached the gospel for 20 years without social media. And if we have to, we will go to parliament to oppose this," Owen said.

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