Noti Flow excites her mom with her latest love interest

The rapper's mother has caught wind of her latest romantic interest

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Her mother loves the turnabout.

• Noti Flow slammed those who snitched the news.

Noti Flow.
Image: Instagram

Controversial female rapper Noti flow has landed in the good books of her mother.

According to the model, social media in-laws have been sharing with her mother that she is now interested in men.

Natalie was in a popular entertainment spot enjoying the performance by a live band, and on her table was a man, an ex that she dated.

"If I love you, I love you for life, unless you cross me really bad," she wrote on her Instastories about him as they danced.

A fan asked her how she can hang out with her ex and Natalie said, "What can I say I guess I love my xs. Note ll tho, I hate some with passion."

This was after Noti Flow shared videos and pictures with a male friend getting very cosy. *wink *wink if you get the flow.

Natalie's fans thought that the singer's mother deserves to know and so took screenshots and forwarded them to the singer's mother.

"To the people who send my mom my sh*..get a life snitches," laughing off the attempts to tell on her.

Noti also added,

"It's funny when they try to make me look bad to my mom. They don't know she loves me deeply & unconditionally, no matter what. I can boldly say, 'I might be her fav daughter (don't tell my lil sis)" she shared on her Instagram stories on Saturday, February 11.

noti flow hooks up with her ex after partying
noti flow hooks up with her ex after partying

So could she be having a change of heart with this new bae?

"My mum is so happy. She literally called me, so weird" sharing about being with a man instead of a female," the artist noted.

Noti Flow came out as a member of the LGBTQ in 2021. She did this when introducing then girlfriend King Alami.

Their relationship became news when the rapper claimed her bae Alami was violent towards her and strangled her with other threats about her jealous nature.

King Alami addressed the domestic violence allegations in an interview with Citizen Digital after that.

She admitted she does get jealous of the attention Natalie receives from Kenyans, be it adoring fans or otherwise.

"I'm very jealous. I love her so much and you know she's famous, so a lot of people want her and text her. I tend to get very angry at that and sometimes, my demons show whenever I feel insecure," she said.

Before King Alami, Noti Flow had dated fellow rapper Colonel Mustafa. They to had several instances of domestic violence.

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