'I will always love you!' Noti Flow says as she dumps King Alami again

The musician was saddened that the 'universe was against their love'

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She said she is trying to heal.

• Noti Flow indicated it has been a long and toxic relationship.

The 'Foto Moto' singer has appealed for financial help for her ex-girlfriend
Noti Flow with King Alami. The 'Foto Moto' singer has appealed for financial help for her ex-girlfriend
Image: Instagram

Rapper Noti Flow has settled questions about the state of the relationship between herself and her on and off again girlfriend King Alami.

The 'Foto Moto' has shared that she officially ended things with Alami, recently. Noti has gone public with the breakup news following constant questions from netizens about why she no longer talks about Alami.

Noti Flow told in a series of messages that dating Alami has been too toxic and had taken a toll on her.

"People still asking me about my x girl really It's either yall arrogant or missed my stories that day."

She added that it makes her sad having to revisit the topic of Alami when she is happy and has moved on.

The couple split in December 2022, "She and I used to talk daily when she was in hospital I'd even spend nights in the hospital at the visitor's waiting bay in the cold since I wasn't allowed in her room."

The breakdown in the relationship started as Alami's family blamed Noti flow for the incident that led to Alami falling down an apartment building in 2022.

"I got depressed I'd to lock myself in the room and drink hard liquor & cry & cry&cry."

Noti even added she contemplated suicide, "But then I thought Armman needed me the most at that time. I also knew I would hurt my mum. She loved me so much. She wouldn't survive the news."

King Alami holding Noti Flow.
Image: Instagram

Noti blames unnamed family members and police for denying her access to Alami "but we'd still talk on the phone for the weeks she was there".

They stopped talking once Alami was discharged from the hospital. "I noticed she became she'd become very distant and the phone calls became shorter & weirder. I asked her why and she said she'd been told by the mom not to talk to me again and they're working on the papers so she can be taken to Canada."

Noti Flow insists King Alami was with someone else when she threw herself from the building apartment.

The note ending the relationship read, "If it doesn't work out in this lifetime I'm sure we meet again in next. Just like I'm sure we met in the last. IDK why the universe is against our love but maybe it will favor us in our next lives. . I guess it's goodbye for now my love. It will be very hard to move on but I'm determined. I will always love you. Goodbye."

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