Rayvanny poking Harmonize? Steps out with singer's 'bae'

The singer had just showered her with love on social media saying fans had told him that they looked good together


• The two Tanzanian superstars have become sworn enemies ever since Harmonize left WCB.

Rayvanny and Harmonize with Feza Kessy in different images.
Image: Instagram

Rayvanny and Harmonize recently threw shade at each other. At the time, Harmonize had just released a song whose video vixen was Feza Kessy, a Tanzanian model, and singer.

Harmonize showered her with love on social media saying fans had told him that they looked good together.

Rayvanny is now the talk of town after he stepped out with Feza Kessy at singer Marioo's album launch event. The two held hands as she accompanied Rayvanny to the event where he was also performing.

Harmonize with Feza Kessy.
Image: Instagram

A few days ago, Rayvanny reacted to Harmonize's message asking artistes to stop singing songs about alcohol.

“Wasanii punguzeni nyimbo za pombe. Msidhani hii nchi kila mtu ni mlevi. Hata tunaokunywanga Jumatatu hatunywi tukiskiliza nyimbo za pombe"

(Artists, reduce alcohol songs. Don't think that everyone is a drunkard in this country. Even when we drink on Mondays, we don't drink while listening to alcoholic songs)

“Huna ngoma ya pombe iliowahi kuhit sasa utaongea nini kuhusu mawe ya pombe. Shut the fuck up,”

(You don't have a hit alcohol song, now what are you going to talk about alcohol hits. Shut the f up)

Their beef escalated with Harmonize asking Rayvanny why he hats him,

“Why do you hate me so bad? You made everyone see my private parts. You wanted me to kill myself but I’m still here. Don’t hate me. Come to my house I will show you how to make money to pay your label so that you can terminate your contract."

Harmonize and Rayvanny

In response, Ryavnny said;

“Lemme be honest with you. You are not on my level musically and financially. Yani sio tuzo, sio hits, sio numbers, sio chochote, I’m your father. Diampond unae msema ndio mtu anakufanya hadi leo upo sababu njia wahisi uliona utamaitain ni kumtukana. I’m too old for that.

Unapost nyumba ya kupanga, range za mchongo sasa come to my own crib nikufundishe jissi ya kutengeneza pesa,” Rayvanny hit back Harmonize.

"You paid Wasafi Tsh600 million, umelia kwenye media zote mzee. In case you don’t know I paid Wasafi Tsh1.3 billion.

Ukihisi naongea sifuri fatilia au nenda Basata ukaulize na umeona nimeongea wapi? Money is nothing to me. Heshimu ndo kitu ninachokithamini. Ukiona siku nimeongea ujue nimekosewa heshima to the maximum."

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