• Pastor T is well known for 'Finje Finje' song.

• He has advised people not to castigate Christians when they slip and backslide.

He says he had a problem with women when he got saved.
Pastor T Mwangi. He says he had a problem with women when he got saved.
Image: Instagram

Pastor T Mwangi has opened up on his battle with women before he got saved.

The pastor known for his hard-hitting advice says it reached a point where he had 'fear' for women.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, he shared

"I had a problem with women when I got saved.

I even started making more male friends to avoid the temptation, when I became a pastor I noticed that I did not have a female pastor.

I talked to my colleagues and they were my support, nowadays I no longer struggle with anything."

 Mwangi says contrary to what people think, he used to be a party animal before he changed his ways

"I have lived life like any normal teenager/young man.

Sherehe tumepiga, road trip tumeenda, dawa tumetumia but Jesus Christ helped me conquer it all."

 Days ago the pastor left tongues wagging after alleging that the slang G.O.A.T is associated with Satanism.

In Modern times the slang means Greatest Of All Time. It is used to refer to someone who has achieved something most people wouldn't be able to.

Pastor T explained that calling successful people at a young age G.O.A.T is rejected in the book of Daniel 8:9 where he also explained more about the history of Alexander The Great who ruled Greece at a young age and achieved great success.

Further stating that the leader of the ancient Greeks believed in a mask with a goat's head and a human body and that is why he was called GOAT.

Mwangi has advised Kenyans not be quick to castigate Christians when they slip and backslide.

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