• Nigerian men are majorly assumed to be Yahoo Yahoo boys,this is a slang for wash wash and fraud.

She says she prefers dating Nigerian men.
Kenyan socialite Shakilla. She says she prefers dating Nigerian men.
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite Shakilla says she can never date Kenyan men.

According to her she would rather date Nigerian men, who she praised for their generosity.

Speaking during a Live Instagram Channel,she said

'Nigerians are the sweetest people you can meet, they give you money and treat you good.

I would never date a Kenyan guy. I am not Kenyan so I have a right to do so. "

Under what circumstances would you cheat on your partner?

"I wouldn't want to,so God help me."

Shakilla added that her worst mistake she ever did was trusting the wrong people

"Entertaining wrong friends,I regret totally and being nice to the wrong people. It cost me alot."

The socialite recently exposed former radio presenter Andrew KIbe for allegedly sliding into her DM.

In the screenshots of part of a conversation, Shakila calls Kibe a SIMP despite the image he portrays online. 

"Y'all are simps this is the same guy talking trash about me on YouTube but wanna hit on the dms."

She says she cannot date Kenyan men.
Shakilla. She says she cannot date Kenyan men.
Image: Instagram

Some parts of the conversation include one of Kibe asking her about her innerwear.

She responds; "What's the meaning of this please?"

But in a quick rejoinder, Kibe himself shared his own receipts showing that the socialite had responded to his message after a whole two years had gone, insinuating that she wasn't being truthful.

His response also indicated that she was the one who had started the conversation.

After a lot of comments online about whether the voluptuous lady had taken Kenyans for a ride, she has finally responded on her Instastories.

She had a lot to say about broke men, not responding to Kenyans, noting that she is among the most followed and therefore knows she will trend.

"I'm super allergic to broke men. Don't be expecting that I'm gonna reply to you back without paying me. You gotta pay me coz I'm high profile Instagrammer right now here in Kenya, the most talked about so you gotta give me my money"

Shakila continued her opinion; 

"And just a reminder if you're broke don't come near me you know, there is so much going on in Kenya right now that I don't want the hospital to be fighting for my life because I stayed near broke people."

Her diss ended summarily;

" I'm super allergic to broke ni**as. Super allergic. Bye!"

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