NIMECHOKAAA! Mr. Seed's beautiful baby mama blasts him in long rant

Actress Elizabeth Sonia and Mr Seed have a child together

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The thespian opens up about the difficulties she is facing with him.

• Mr. Seed has not spoken about it.

Elizabeth Sonia.
Image: Instagram

KOVU actress Elizabeth Sonia has opened up about co-parenting with Mr. Seed and the challenges that she has been facing.

In a long note on her Instagram page, Liz Sonia wrote that he needs to do more than just pay school fees.

"Dear baby daddy AM TIRREEED. I have tried to be the most understanding BABY MAMA ON THIS PLANET but for the last seven years Seed you have done nothing but drain me and all I do is try and UNDERSTAND YOUR SITUATION."

She added, "You're never there physically I got used to it because I can't do * about that's for junior to decide when he grows up. I always find means to cover up that ur meant to pay @mrseedofficial NIMECHOKAAA am a woman I have fought and made sure he has have never PRIORITIZED @prince_faiz_the-great so this year I decided am no longer that sweet caring baby mama ...for those that know me personally they will understand."

mr seed baby mama bashes singer
mr seed baby mama bashes singer

Continuing with her message, Sonia appealed to him to step up, writing,

"For the last seven years I right such paragraphs and delete them...but AM TIRED. I want you to help me raise junior not send me, money like you're not doing me a favor ad that is when I ask or shout."

"The only upkeep I take from you is school fees and ITS NEVER ON TIMEEEE"

Tagging him, she added, "CHANGEEEE if you don't feel this pain today because you feel junior is young but it will catch up with you later ...he will grow and see the DIFFERENCE WEWE ENDELEAAAA. . AM NOT HE PERSON THAT NEEDS SOCIAL MEDIA SYMPATHY IF I DID I WOULd HAVE POSTED MANY YEARS BACK ..NIMECHOKAAA JUNIOR DESERVES ALL THE GOOD THINGS. WHEN WILL YOU BE THERE WITHOUT BEING PUSHED???? WITHOUT BEING TOLD?????"

mr seed baby mama slams singer
mr seed baby mama slams singer

We called Mr. Seed about the allegations made by Elizabeth Sonia but he declined to comment on all of them.

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