'King Alami amejirusha!' Noti Flow recounts tragic night

Noti Flow and King Alami have had an off and on again relationship

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The multiple breakups have left their fans confused.

• Noti Flow is seeking to explain the reason for the first breakup.

The 'Foto Moto' singer has appealed for financial help for her ex-girlfriend
Noti Flow with King Alami. The 'Foto Moto' singer has appealed for financial help for her ex-girlfriend
Image: Instagram

Noti Flow has opened up about her life changing drastically when she got a phone call about her ex-girlfriend, King Alami's accident weeks ago. 

King Alami fell from the 7th floor of an apartment last month and was hospitalized. Her right hand was amputated, according to details released by her family.

Noti Flow on Monday, November 14th told a curious fan that "she lost it on sight at the accident." (Noti had been blamed for her fall and insisted she didn't know what happened but clarified that they had split before the accident)

Noti went on to describe getting called by an unknown number on the tragic night telling her about Alami's fall.

"Little did I know she would come back in this state tho! A few days later I'm heartbroken. I got many random calls, pick a new number and there was a woman on the phone crying saying Alami amejirusha from the 7th floor, come see her."

During her QnA she also revealed some of the things that had caused her and Alami to split up after their numerous breakups and make-ups, saying; 

"We met and talked but things weren't the same. We had a lot of trust issues coz of a lot of sh-t that went down when we'd broken up.

So I told her to choose between her partying and random friends. She walked away, so I guess she wanted to be a free bird."

The individual that was with King Alami during her incident is out on bail, after being arrested. The identity has not been disclosed yet.

The police are awaiting Alami to give her statement for things to move forward. At the time of the accident.

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