King Alami updates fans about her medical situation after horrifying fall

She delivered her message to fans from her hospital bed

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Alami shared a video of her condition.

• The family continue to ask Kenyans to stand with them.

The 'Foto Moto' singer has appealed for financial help for her ex-girlfriend
Noti Flow with King Alami. The 'Foto Moto' singer has appealed for financial help for her ex-girlfriend
Image: Instagram

Fans of King Alami and Noti Flow are celebrating some major good news about Alami since her terrible incident in an apartment building along Thika road.

Alami on Friday night updated fans that she was responding well to treatment, something that made Kenyans happy.

In the Instagram video, one can see King Alamis visibly swollen eyes.

This is the first time Kenyans are seeing King Alami since news of her falling incident from an Apartment in Roysambu.

Noti Flow is also in the video and laughs as Alami points the camera at her. Alami tells fans "I look weird as he**."

Another quick look at the video, we see her injured left arm tied up in bandages as Alami attempts a weak smile.

Noti Flow told her that her body will recover. "To me you're perfect baby, I love you forever."

Fans took to the comment section telling Noti Flow that they are happy with her update and hope she recovers and returns to the spotlight.

A fan cikuanne encouraged her telling her "She will be a living testimony."

In a separate video reminiscing their happier days, Noti Flow said that the unexpected injury has been difficult

"My bff ☯️ I’ll forever cherish the memories we shared 🥹 I’m more happier & stronger with you , hurry up & get out of the hospital cz I need you 😫 I love you more everyday ❤️"

Alami's family continues to ask for help to offset her medical bills.

The family at the same time said she fell which left her with serious injuries requiring several surgeries.

Through a statement from Alami's dad, the family also admitted that King Alami has had one arm amputated and are working on solving the challenge.

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