Why Comedian YY's wife couldn't walk for 5 months in 2022

Marya Okoth said that she walked after five months of paralysis

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Marya's left leg had a problem.

• She was bedridden for five months.

comedian YY's wife paralyzed
comedian YY's wife paralyzed

Marya Okoth, the wife of Comedian YY has spoken about going through 5 months of total darkness in 2022, a moment that she is glad she overcame.

"I am grateful to God that I went through darkness and able to see light again. Have you ever imagined waking up one morning and not being able to walk totally?"

She recounted her horrifying moment on her YouTube channel on December 31st, 2022. 

It was movie night and as sleep started kicking in she decided to go to bed, but the thrill of the movie drew her back to keep watching.

She finally got to bed and the next time she woke up she felt like her left leg was really heavy. "I couldn't feel it, I got scared I assumed I just needed a massage, and then it gets back."

That however did not happen. Marya woke Comedian YY and told him she couldn't move or feel her leg.

YY joined the conversation saying, "I know the kind of woman she is so I didnt believe her I was like stop with your jokes, " but the seriousness of her tone told him things were bad.

YY touched her leg and she told him she had no feeling, "I pinched her leg ile ya kuchuna and she never felt anything," YY continued narrating.

She was rushed to the hospital, underwent different tests and it was found that she had blood clots in her left leg.

"When you have blood clots and they start breaking they tend to flow to your heart," that scared her.

The possibility that something drastic could have happened made her emotional, "I have a young girl a small baby almost five months that can't happen to me."

Marya was admitted to the hospital to bring the blood clot down. Her leg was still unresponsive, and a CT Scan showed nothing. Doctors opted for an MRI, so she had to see a neurosurgeon.

"What came out is that one of the discs at the lower back was pressing on her nerves."

She was on medication for two weeks. The new mom could not breastfeed at all.

YY became the 'sole' parent and took up responsibilities for their daughter as she remained admitted. 

He did not tell his fans what his family was going through, "She became insecure and I saw the fear in her eyes."

She did recover and was released from the hospital as her process of walking again began.

DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is a blood clot in a vein, usually the leg. DVT can be dangerous. Get medical help as soon as possible if you think you have DVT.

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