Bemused Nameless asks fans interesting question ahead of Nairobi Fest performance

The singer wants critics to tell him how to dress

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Nameless is performing On Saturday and doesn't want criticism about his style.

• At the Black Panther premiere, he was told he looks homeless.

Singer Nameless
Singer Nameless

Nameless's style of dressing has become a topic of discussion online especially since a famous TikToker dissed him about it.

Legendary singer Nameless wants to know how netizens want him to dress for a Saturday concert.

Nameless is among the acts expected to perform at the closing of the Nairobi Festival at Uhuru Park.

The singer took to his Instagram asking netizens what he should dress so that he can avoid being criticized for his fashion sense.

"Nairobi festival niko ndani..Sato alafu mnataka ani dress aje for this show, juu wengine hapa wako na mambo."

He was taking a slight dig at a TikToker who a couple of weeks ago bashed him for the way he dressed to the premier of Black Panther.

The TikToker went viral when she reviewed the way celebrities had dressed on the red carpet for the premiere of Black Panther. She said she would run if she bumped into him in that outfit.

The content creator defended herself after trolls came for her, explaining that it was just a review of whether celebs took the theme seriously.

Her comments angered Kenyans who responded to her video with vile comments bashing her for clout chasing.

Nowadays a lot of celebrities are facing increasing criticism online whenever they appear for events, with Kenyans online saying they don't put effort into their style.

This was notably seen at the launch of Billionaire Rihanna's beauty products in Africa. The celebrities were blasted for dressing terribly, and the displeasure was obvious as the topic trended.

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Singer Nameless
Singer Nameless