"Wache niende nyumbani naye!" Mc Jessy mesmerised after meeting Huddah

The popular funnyman was left awed after meeting the socialite

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Mc Jessy was blown away by Huddahs beauty.

• The two meet at a fashion show.

Huddah Monroe
Image: Instagram

A fashion show hosted by Nasra Yussuf served as the perfect setting for Mc Hessy to meet Huddah Monroe.

The comedian was the Mc at the modesty fashion show hosted by Nasra Yusuf on Saturday, December 11th. Huddah was among invited guests and looked stunning in her Somali regalia.

Even Mc Jessy had difficulty recognizing her until he figured out it was Alhuda Njoroge aka Huddah Monroe.

He gestured to Huddah with his finger to approach him and hug him because "Siwiezi ku high five" he insisted to the socialite.

He whispered sweet words to Huddah; "Come over here baby Come. Huddah come!" he assured her in an enticing manner.

She obliged his request and stood up to join him. "Imagine nime make her come na vidole tuu," they warmly hugged as he told her that she was stunningly beautiful.

Mc Jessy also teased her about wearing a Somali outfit asking; "Weuh si unakaa poa. Pia wewe ni Msomali ? Njoroge?"

Huddah grabs the mic and speaks in her language as Mc Jessy begs the crowd to let him go home with her. 

"Surely," Huddah laughs as Mc Jessy tells her that he normally sees her on Instagram and is so blown away by meeting her in person 

"Aren't you hot in that?" Adding; "I'm not used to seeing you dressed this way. You are looking good. Oh my unakaa poa sana!"

Mc Jessy also roasted Nasra about being single again, joking that he may make a move. 

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