Nameless ecstatic after meeting Wahu's look-alike

Some netizens even thought the woman was Wahu's daughter Tumiso.

• Many noted that the woman did indeed resemble Wahu.

• He met the woman during the Premiere of Wakanda Forever early this week.

Nameless meets Wahu look alike

Kenyan artist David Mathenge alias Nameless was left in awe after meeting Wahu's look alike.

He met the woman during the Premiere of Wakanda Forever early this week.

Taking to his socials to share the photos, Nameless marveled at the resemblance questioning if he would be safe if he said the woman was beautiful.

"As I stepped out of the cinema hall to go to the gents, I met someone excited to meet me cause people told her she looks like Wahu.

So we decided to take some pics for fun.. she actually kinda does look like mama Shiru ama naona vitu zangu ...even the kisogo."

Nameless and Wahu Look-alike.
Image: Facebook
Nameless and Wahu Look-alike.
Image: Facebook

Nameless said he thought Wahu had decided to leave their newborn baby at home and attend the event.

"I thought chakula ya Shiru ametoroka Shiru Tena kumbe ni lookalikeAnyWay, always a pleasure to meet a Nameless fan. Inanijenganga nakunipatia motisha kuzidi.

Don't ever be shy to approach me for a photo, I can't refuse to capture moments and make memories."


"If I said she is beautiful do you think I am safe with my wife because she looks like my wife ama nijifunze kunyamaza . Even the kisogo ni kama ya MamaShiru ."

Wahu responded to the photos saying

"Haaaiya!! this me? Am I she?"

Check out some of the reactions

Queen Ella: She actually does, but just know that Leo unadoze Kwa bathroom na si tafadhali.

Aggie Peter: Weeh we need to seek both parent's hearing. Mimi hata nilikuwa na zoom karibu niulize 20 questions in one sentence. I was waiting to hear mama shiru left the baby to surprise you in gent toilets.

Gacheri Jessica: They look together... No, wait... They look immediately. Wait what am I even saying?

JR Jnr: Wahu should not be shy to take a photo with me coz I look like Nameless.Please don't be shy ma-shiru.

Wangeshi Benerd:Waaaaao..I was like u went for a date with Tumi now it's it's luk alike nah

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Nameless and Wahu Look-alike.
Image: Facebook
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