Details of Mark Masai's new show!

He left NTV a few weeks ago after a restructuring process at the company.

• Mark Masai returns with a new show.

•  "The Social Newsroom" will be streamed across his social media platforms.

Mark Masai.
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Media personality Mark Masai has announced his comeback a few days after he exit Nation Media Group-owned station NTV after 14 years.

The talented TV journalist announced his comeback with a show dubbed "The Social Newsroom" through his social media platforms.

"The Social Newsroom" will be streamed across his social media platforms.

The show is about the who, what, where when, why, and how of news, helping the audience make meaning of stories that matter to them. 

"Ladies & Gentlemen: Here's to the us! To the new way of doing things. To finding meaning in what we experience. To finding stories that matter to us. Welcome to the future. #TheSocialNewsroom by @semaboxAfrica Streaming this Thur 6pm on my socials. Like,Share,tell a friend!"

Masai will host the show on December 15, 2022 at 6:00PM in what will mark his return after exiting Nation Media Group-owned NTV as part of the ongoing restructuring at the media company.

In a short video clip announcing the show, Mark Masai said;

"It has always been about the who, what, where when, why and how. But in the times that we live in, there’s a big - so what. I am Mark Masai and welcome to the future."

Mark had hinted his next move with a post stating that both human resources and work operations should be handled better.

While announcing his exit, Mark put up a 15 seconds video capturing his before and after transformation saying he will be back soon.

“I will be back, Stay tuned,” read hashtags from Masai.

At NTV, he hosted Press Pass, a TV weekly show that interrogated and critiqued the big stories that are covered by local media.

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