Kamene Goro- My ex-lover used to beat me like a thief

Kamene Goro was in a toxic mrriage

• Kamene Goro has recounted her life with an abusive boyfriend.

• Kamene said at the time, she was afraid that the society would judge her.

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro
Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro has recounted her life with an abusive boyfriend.

Speaking to Obinna on the morning Kiss today, the sassy radio personality said at the time, she was afraid that society would judge her.

She, therefore, stayed with him despite the beatings and other malicious things he did.

"The first boyfriend beat me like a thief and he was beating me as if I am a fellow man," she said.

Kamene added that being abused changed how she viewed herself.

She said the fact that people would question her about what she did wrong to her ex-lover made it even worse.

"We cannot fault you as a victim. What I want us to pick apart is how society makes it look like it is normal. What is it that you did? Sometimes, society gets you back to stay in abusive relationships and some parent also tells you to be calm in such relationships."

Obinna said his dad told him not to run away from his family and instead take charge of the family when he told him all was not well with his baby mamas.

A few months ago, Kamene Goro said she forgave the ex-lover after he cheated on her seven times, hoping he would change.

Kamene said being too forgiving leads to disrespect.

"I was a very forgiving person until I found myself being cheated on seven times and I don't know the other times," she said. "Baby girl, forgiveness tuachie Mungu."

She said when cheating is tolerated in a relationship, you accept being disrespected.

"Every time you forgive, you show this person that you accept this bad behaviour, and they can do it again," she said.

"Those times are gone, baby girl. Kaa ngumu and people will know and respect your boundaries. It's time to draw a line in the sand, baby girl."

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