I don't need you - Octopizzo tells TV & radio stations

Octopizzo has waded into the Kenyan media airplay debate

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•He has told off Tv's and Radios for bias

•Octopizzo has urged artistes to soldier on

octopizzo kenyan media airplay
octopizzo kenyan media airplay

Rapper Ocotpizzo has bashed Kenyan media for biasness in music airplay.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafi Media, he took issue with what he termed as favoritism when it comes to playing local music.

"Our local media doesn't support us, they don't play our music, Everyone should fight for airplay. On Kenyan radio, they play more Tanzanian music than Kenyan. Hio ni system, inafaa we have so many talented Kenyan musicians I travel a lot and I can tell you Kenyan music is the sweetest, I'm not biased, there are those unknowns who have good music, and there are over 10,000 of them"

Ocotpizzo also weighed in on Eric Omondi's comments on playing Kenyan music on the radio.

"TV and Radio play for musicians they like, watu wanapenda, these days if I want to listen to Kenyan music I stream. I don't watch TV or the radio. That way I hear different sounds and maybe I can collabo with them. "

He disclosed how he has preferred to deal with such disregard for some 254 musicians.

He focuses on his international fans.

"These days I don't take my music to TV or radio stations, I used to do that but nowadays sipeleki. I'm only dealing with digital platforms. Tuliktoka huko juu Radio na TV zimekuwa zikituchezea sana . Walijiona kama Mungu fulani you have to go and beg them to play your record, bro... I don't need you. I don't need them anymore "

They should play Kenyan music without any bias.

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