Tiktoker Becky Akinyi reveals how she was introduced to a Cam Girl job

Tiktoker Becky Akinyi works with many men in Nairobi

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Her first earning was sh30,000.

• She says she is judged for what she does.

tiktoker becky akinyi a cam girl
tiktoker becky akinyi a cam girl

TikToker Becky Akinyi has a side hustle that pays her extremely well.

That job is as a cam girl. A cam girl job entails being in your birthday suit and allowing men to have a glimpse of what your mama gave you.

In an interview with Mwende Macharia on her EMM channel, Akinyi shared how she got into the job.

According to the TikToker, she came to Nairobi and worked as a house helper, but times were tough.

Later, a friend introduced her to this rare job. 

"She was one of my teachers at an NGO. I was living in Huruma. They called me asking if I can do any kind of job. She said I would be introduced to someone in Utawala who gave me the directions,".

Becky went to see the woman who told her the job was 24 hours, forcing her to relocate from  Huruma to Utawala.

She was afraid at first but remembered she had agreed to the job and the work conditions.

"Kwani huku hugo how? People already think I'm a bad girl so why not they always say I am a wh*** so why not? "

Her first salary as a cam girl was Sh30,000 because she was working for someone else.

Akinyi was told that she could earn even more if she worked harder.

"I had never held Sh30K, weuh .Money here I come, I'm not leaving "

Her one fear was her mum learning about her odd  job.

" Kwetu tunajulikana kama SDA . That was hitting me that if mum knew kuta waka moto"

What exactly is a cam girl? "

"Hii kazi unafungua computer yako , create an account unaingia ndani na kazi unabaki uchi. jinsi ulivyo zaliwa jamani unawacha wababa waone umebeba nini mzuri " (This job entails being on a computer and logging in into your account. You remove your clothes and let men see how endowed you are."

Kenyans are not welcome to her content

"I block Kenya. because waKenya hapana watachoma big time "She blames this on someone who took her video and leaked it."

Becky trended in Kenya for a while, making her block Kenyans from her content.

"These videos are done online, so if someone knows your user name they can go to their record, and download it."

She is in a long-distance relationship.Read Also;

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