Diamond unexpectedly fetes Harmonize & AliKiba

Harmonize and Diamond became enemies after he quit Wasafi

• Diamond Platnumz has recognized that Harmonize and Alikiba are talented artiste.

• Diamond told his fans to move from the aspect of comparing him with other artistes.

Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba
Diamond and Ali Kiba Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba
Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz surprised many after recognizing his longtime nemesis Alikiba and former signee Harmonize as some of the most talented musicians in Tanzania.

Speaking in a digital forum, Diamond told his fans to move away from the aspect of comparing him to fellow Tanzania artistes and focus on elevating their own to international standards. 

"Who doesn't know Harmonize and Alikiba are big and talented artistes?" Simba posed. 

"As artistes, we are surrounded by our families and friends, but they are the people to show us how to move forward," he said.

He said the reason he does not read comments on social media is that he does not want to attack his haters.

"I do not read some comments online since I will get offended and be forced to respond to them which is not a good thing," he said.

Diamond and Harmonize attended the same forum but they did not meet.

According to Tanzanian blogs, Harmonize came to the event after Diamond made his speech and left the venue.

The two artistes are said not to be on talking terms after he (Konde Boy)ditched WCB and bad-mouthed his former boss.

A while ago, Chibu Dangote said his beef with Alikiba was created by the media.

Diamond added that most Tanzanians are not happy when an artiste is successful.

"Tanzanians like it when you die in your career. When they see an artiste making it in the industry, they create beef with other artistes which are not good according to me."

"Watanzania wanapenda mwanamuziki afe, yaani akipanda ashuke. Wakiona msanii anafanya vizuri, wanajaribu kumchonganisha naye wakipitia yule msaani mwingine, which kwangu mimi naona sio vizuri)

Diamond said the hate that has been there for so long now between him and Alikiba was escalated by Tanzanian blogs.

Diamond also blamed some artistes saying they should be in a position to identify such banters and fake stories. He said they should not take it seriously as that is killing the unity of artistes in Tanzania.

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