Sorrowful Noti Flow accepts blame for King Alami's tragic incident

King Alami was in a suicide attempt over the weekend

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Noti Flow has asked Kenyans to respect the family's privacy.

• Noti Flow now says she feels she had a part to play in the incident

The 'Foto Moto' singer has appealed for financial help for her ex-girlfriend
Noti Flow with King Alami. The 'Foto Moto' singer has appealed for financial help for her ex-girlfriend
Image: Instagram

Noti Flow has shared an emotional message about possibly feeling responsible for her exes suicide incident.

The 'Foto Moto' rapper spoke about how King Alami is fairing on as she remains hospitalized. Alami is currently admitted at Kenyatta Hospital and Noti Flow expressed sorrow saying;

”We gon pray for you my baby  We’ve been praying for you day & night. You’re strong my G & you’re still the coolest stud I fell in love with. I love you more everyday. Nothing’s changed  & I’m with you thru it all.. I’m here for you forever my love. Quick recovery my baby you are loved and cherished."

Telling Kenyans to stop spreading rumors about her involvement, Natalie added;

"For those who are blaming me thank you very much for making me feel worse & guilty than I already I’m. Y’all are right tho, it’s my fault cz if I was with her she’d be OK & safe like she’s always been so crucify me.” 

(I really feel for Noti at the moment. Being blamed for the another adult's life consequences. Very harsh if you ask me)

Noti Flow has closed the comments section to stop Kenyans from responding. King Alami and Noti Flow have had an off an on relationship.

Following rumours that Alami had jumped off a building along Thika Road, Noti Flow said that 'The family is kindly requesting for privacy and prayers as we go through this rough time . My heart is broken and I'm devastated.'

Adding, 'But I'm staying positive and prayerful She needs it.'

The first report of something happening was on October 24 when a man on Twitter claimed that Noti's girlfriend had jumped off a highrise building.

Noti Flow asked for time before speaking up

"Attention, please I understand there's a lot of rumors going round the blogs  about my x gal (king alami) kindly stop spreading unconfirmed rumors."

Mpasho reached out to Noti Flow a bit later, and she confirmed that something had indeed happened to Alami.

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