Andrew Kibe claims Eric Omondi's miscarriage is mere clout

Eric released a video of his girlfriend crying claiming that she'd suffered a miscarriage

• Andrew Kibe claimed that Eric had chased clout with such emotional things before

• He joined Kenyan's who've been calling out Eric over his actions

The content creator claims Eric Omondi's miscarriage story is clout
Andrew Kibe The content creator claims Eric Omondi's miscarriage story is clout
Image: Instagram

Popular content creator Andrew Kibe is calling out self proclaimed king of comedy Eric Omondi over his latest video announcing that his girlfriend had suffered a miscarriage.

Kibe strongly feels like Eric is just doing showbizz and there was no child involved.

The podcaster yesterday released a reaction to Eric's instagram post which he titled , "Erica Amondi's Brain Miscarriage."

In the video he highlights that the moment being filmed may be staged or is perfect acting done for clout chasing.

"As long as these cameras are ever rolling... I show you what I want to show you. Whenever you see me in front of a camera I am ready for you.

That video was not just a by the way thing,  if it was real, why would you release the video to us? Why would you post that?" Started off Kibe.

He does have a valid point seeing as to how netizens were super enraged with Eric following how he chose to break the news to the public.

The content creator went on to add, "this guy has cried wolf so many times. We don't even know whether he has her involved in this nonsense.

Because when you're going through sh't, do you have time to record it? Right?"

Lynne with Eric Omondi.
Image: Instagram

Kibe went ahead to bring up some of Eric's past lies. One he actually claims involves Eric using his own dead father to chase clout.

"This is the same guy who told us here is my dad's death certificate and the title deed to his house and he insisted he was not lying to us...then Eric goes ahead to reveal that the house was really not his and he was chasing clout," said Kibe.

He also highlighted Eric's whole drama with his ex-girlfriend Chantal where it was alleged Chantal had faced domestic abuse at the hands of her then-boyfriend.

Just yesterday Eric was trending on Twitter over the same, with most Kenyans online calling him out.

Some of the comments can be best described as unprintable while others are asking for him to be cancelled the way Americans normally do stars they believe have gone down the deep end.

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