Daughters confront cheating dad, read out his side chicks texts to him (Video)

A cheating man has been forced to sit and listen as his daughters read his messages with a side chick

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The daughters approached their father after numerous text messages displease them

dad listens as daughter read cheat messages
dad listens as daughter read cheat messages

A video of daughters reading out to their dad his text messages with another woman has garnered close to 5million views.

The video has gone viral online as netizens debate about the appropriateness of the daughters actions.

The kids are said to be Ugandans living in America.

They are seated in the living room, reading out the texts between him and his side chick disgusted that their mum is being humiliated and cheated on.

One daughter challenges the father about how he feels cheating on their mother

"Don't act like you don't know" she shouts as another daughter reads the messages.

Another girl reads a section of the text below

"I just thought that this would end us in a secure place I'm so fed up just know I am so mature Truly miss your vibe' goes the text.

The daughter blasts her father "dad you F8 up" 

The text continues

"I know what's nice to you believe me just next time it will be bloody if you can keep it up" continues the text.

In another text, the father was making plans to go swimming with his side chick.

"I wanna sit on you but I will be patient and wait, I will be free from cramps"

The text conversation upsets the first daughter who shouts "that's disgusting"

The dad sits silently looking on with a cup of tea. 


Reacting to the video, people are saying the girls are disrespectful

@hillaryremnant·If am the man, I leave the house and leave behind that woman and kids, I go live my life, can’t tolerate such disrespect

@isiihenyen·Even tho, even tho… As a woman, allowing your kids to meddle in your marriage with their dad to this extent is wrong. This could have been handled differently by the woman and the direct disrespect prevented. How you make your kids see their father is important.

@Ayo_bami007·These kids are rude, this is a very wrong approach to settle marriage issues. The kids should stay outta this and let their parents settle their indifferences. Gawd, this is what happens when you raise kids without cultural values.

@GayleZoie·Africans with our twisted idea of what respect should be. Respect is staying faithful to your spouse, no matter what you see outside. Respect is choosing to separate from your spouse before dating anyone else.

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