• Miguna: please don't add me to Whatsapp group without permission.

• Lawyer Miguna Miguna thanksgiving message to Kenyans for a warm welcome.

arriving at Uhuru Gardens for Mashujaa Day celebrations
Miguna Miguna arriving at Uhuru Gardens for Mashujaa Day celebrations

Lawyer and self-proclaimed General Miguna Miguna penned a message of appreciation to Kenyans over what he termed as being accorded a heroic welcome. 

Miguna landed in the Country on Thursday, and Kenyans online used the opportunity to welcome him back after 4 years in Exile.

In his gratitude tweet, he gave out his new Kenyan phone number to Kenyans, which they obediently took in turn and started to make him a close 'pal'.

'The return to my MOTHERLAND yesterday was HISTORIC. I had a FANTASTIC first day and night. THANK YOU to all Kenyans who embraced and welcomed me back home. My new number is 075-707-7930. Apologies in advance if I don't respond to, or answer everyone's call/text. Viva!'

In a somewhat hilarious tweet, Miguna Miguna the advocate of the High court warned against being added to WhatsApp groups without permission.

'Please do not add me to Whats App groups without permission. I thank everyone sincerely for the overwhelming support. There is nothing sweeter than home!'Miguna stated.

 Miguna, famously known for his audacious fights for electoral justice, came back to his 'motherland' during Mashujaa day and got a national welcome from Kenyans and president William Ruto who even invited him to the State House.

Here are Kenyans replying to this hilarious ask to Kenyans:

FrontManLet me show you how to prevent this on your WhatsApp

Am Nick Ogolla kwani they have already added you to a fundraising group. VIVA

The controversial lawyer had been deported to Canada and only returned after exactly 4 years and 8 months.

Kenyans who call him general, however still adored his fierce attitude to address the trending issues in the national and political scenery.

His audacity made him unofficially swear in the former Prime minister and an all-time opposition leader, Raila Odinga as the people's President.

The act got him deported to Canada. He holds dual Citizenship.

In Canada, he made countless appearances on online platforms as a Kenyan patriot and engaged with Kenyans in the diaspora.

What is next from the lawyer in the political arena? 

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