Nameless reacts to Eric Omondi playing his music in Parliament

Eric Omondi had a mini performance that he termed 'First ever Kenya music concert at Parliament buildings'

• Eric Omondi is trying to push a play 75% KE agenda in parliament.

• He's been known to notoriously criticize Kenyan musicians and blame them for the industry "dying"

Nameless reacts to Eric Omondi performing his songs
Nameless reacts to Eric Omondi performing his songs
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Nameless woke up to the same surprise as other Kenyans after comedian Eric Omondi staged a performance of most of his hit songs outside the parliament buildings in the pouring rain.

In what he dubbed as the 'First ever Kenya music concert at Parliament buildings,' Eric posted a series of videos of him and a live band performing.

The first video consisted of him performing his long term now seemingly arch enemy Bien from the group Sauti Sol hit song 'Mbwe Mbwe' ft Aaron Rimbui. Clearly in a bid to trigger Bien whom he's been in numerous online fights with.

Secondly, he posted a video of him performing Nameless's hit songs from the early 2000s.

He performed songs such as 'Sinzia' and 'Deadly'

Reacting to the video Nameless was clearly new to the whole online antics and drama highlighted how shocked he was.

"Ndio nimeshtukia niko hapa. I thought I was dreaming... Shiru chronicles! Kumbe ni Erico." Nameless commented adding laughing and hands-up emojis.

He also went on to add, "Alaaar, sitaki kuamsha mtoi (I don't want to wake up the kid) Observing from the diapers region."

It seemed words were failing him but the father of three still found a way to show that he appreciated Eric's gesture and kind words as the entertainer had referred to him as one of the greatest Kenyan musicians to exist.

In the post, Nameless used emojis to complement Eric.

He added the fire emojis as well as the thank you, fist bump, and 100% emojis.

On Tuesday, the comedian set up a stage outside the parliament buildings and held a small performance.

" Tutachezea MPs Kenyan Music ndio wajue wanapitisha," Omondi had earlier announced.

Earlier on, Omondi had been spotted with MP Babu Owino who promised to join the fight for Kenyan artists. 

"The President is back in the Country. This is a historic week. Tuesday we begin a journey that will forever change the lives of Young people in this Country. God be with us."

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