'The play 75% bill will pass!' Eric Omondi confidently declares

Eric Omondi meets Babu Owino on struggle to pass his bill

Piece by: Shakila Mohammed

• The internet sensationalist stressed that, the Bill is in parliament and will officially be tabled down

• The Kenya music agenda will be discussed by  MP's in Parliament and later be passed by the president.

75% struggle still on
Eric Omondi. 75% struggle still on
Image: Instagram

Eric Omondi has been fighting to increase the amount of Kenyan music on local media for a long time now.

The comedian hasn't yet stopped that movement, assuring his fans that the bill will one day come to pass.

The most promising thing is that the king of comedy has got a lot of support from fans and many Kenyan musicians.

Yesterday night, Omondi posted a video of him and Embakasi MP, Babu Owino, having a conversation. His caption read,

"Today at Parliament buildings with Hon. Babu Owino working on the last touches for next week Tuesday."

The internet sensationalist stressed that the Bill is in parliament and will officially be tabled. However he promised fans to be patient as the process will take time.

"Next week Tuesday we will be tabling the Bill in Parliament officially. It's a journey but we will get there. The MPs will pass the Bill and the President will sign it into Law," he started.

Despite that there has been a lot of controversy online about how dominant Kenyan music is compared to Nigerian music.

Some netizens are pleased with the comedians mighty fight but disappointed with what Kenyan musicians are singing at the moment.

Kenyans are up for the idea but on condition that there should be quality measures enforced in music industry.

Earlier this year on Tuesday, Feb 9th, Eric caused a scene in town after launching his protest demanding parliamentarians pass the bill.

This came right after his arrest in November of the year 2021 by locking himself in a transparent cube outside Parliament Buildings.

He vowed not to leave until the bill had been passed. “I will remain here until they start the debate. This is a hunger strike. Tomorrow you will find me here. I’m not going anywhere until the MPs start this conversation," he finished.

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