Akothee's daughter Fancy fights back after being attacked

Akothee has taught her daughter to be tough.

• Fancy Makadia has responded to a hater who said her family depends on men to elevate their lifestyles.

• Akothee has been facing hate since she announced she is dating.

Akothee's daughter Fancy Makadia
Image: Instagram

Akothee's third-born daughter Fancy Makadia has responded to a hater who said her family depends on men to elevate their lifestyles.

Fancy had shared a statement after constant backlash on her mother's page since she announced she was dating again.

She posted on her Facebook official page saying insulting her or her family won't give someone attention but instead, the negativity blocks them from bigger opportunities.

"Insulting me or my family won't help get your attention, its blocks opportunities for you. Your future employer is a silent follower on this page. haya," she wrote.

A fan who was following the conversation blasted her saying that all her family members 'sell' themselves for money.

Makadia fired back at the troll telling the fan that asking him to mind his language.

This is not the first time, Akothee's family has made headlines after being trolled online.

A few months ago, Rue Baby shared how she deals with online trolls who keep calling her skinny. 

In a Q&A on her IG stories, the model says self-confidence has been her way of dealing with the trolls. 

Rue shared that she gets constant assurances from her mother that she is beautiful, and trolls don't change that perception.

The model shared a video of herself in a Bikini, she wrote;

"My mum is the one who took this video. And what she always tells me is I am beautiful and no one can ever make me feel less. Embrace your body girl. Love you and ignore their words."

She said most of the body shammers are fellow women 

"You know not all girls are strong to manage body shaming like I am. So before you go ahead and body-shame someone thinks if the same words were said to your sister or mother how would you feel," read part of Rue's post.

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