Akothee's strong message to 'stingy' women

Akothee is dating a Mzungu who has been spoiling her

• Akothee tells women to also spend on men

• Akothee said men do not want women who are mean

Akothee's strong message to stingy women
Akothee's strong message to stingy women
Image: Instagram

Singer Akothee has advised women to also be ready to spend on the men who want to date them.

In a recent post, the mother of five said that women need to have priorities.

She warned women about being liabilities to men stating that most men want to date women who can bring something into a relationship even if it is not about money.

"Ukioga urudi soko ,usiende kama unataka kuuza, nenda sokoni kama mnunuzi.Wewe hata chai huwezi nunulia mwanaume, na unataka atoe pesa zake akununulie Prado? Aaaah Sis Zako zitokee kwanza ajue unajiweza ,tetemesha Mzee Wanaume wa sikuhizi hawataki liabilities, atleast, bring some brains basi kama pesa hauna. Story zako nyingi ni za Dunda na Dubai, ukiamka Kila siku uko ma hangover unaitisha sup kitandani 🤣 mtajenga lini Sis

(Sister, when you decide to go back to the market, do go as if you want to sell anything, go like you want to buy. Don't be that woman who cannot buy even tea for her man yet you want him to buy you a Prado. Sister, learn to spend on him so that he can know you are also an independent woman. No man wants to date a liability, if you don't have money, then give ideas. Don't always talk about parties in Dubai and waking up with hangovers asking for soup from the bed.)

Akothee has also vowed to get baby number six with her mzungu lover Omondi.

"Huyu nisipomzalia niite mbwa (Call me a dog if I don't get pregnant for him)," Akothee wrote in a post on social media.

Her three daughters Vesha, Celly Rue, and Prudence were fathered by her first husband Jared Okello while her sons Ojwang and Oyoo were sired by a Frenchman and a Swiss respectively.

In another post, Akothee said women need to learn how to invest with the men they are dating.

She bragged how her Mzungu bae, are already making smart investments together.

Sister when you are hopping from one bar to another we are hopping from one hardware to another. When you ask for iPhone 17 we are buying land."

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