'Inakaa video ya 2007,' Eric blasts Willy Paul and Jovial's new music video

Eric Omondi said he was disappointed in Jovial and Willy Paul over their music video

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Eric noted that after the hype, they would have done better with the video.

• He added that after showbiz, artists should ensure that the end product levels up.

'Inakaa video ya 2007,' Eric blasts Willy Paul and Jovial
Eric Omondi 'Inakaa video ya 2007,' Eric blasts Willy Paul and Jovial
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Controversial Comedian Eric Omondi has expressed his disappointment in Willy Paul and Jovial after all the online support he accorded them.

Eric noted that the Lalala song video was not worth all the hype.

"Willy Paul nilimsupport hapa na Jovial, waliniangusha na video!

Video inakaa wako kwa nyasi wameeka flowers, sijui kuna gari inapita ni vitu tu za 2007, inakaa video ya 2007.

After tushaongea, akafanya clout poa, nikamwambia kama ni ngoma muue."

He continued to address the nation as he said after all the clout chasing and showbiz, the product following therein should match up.

"So Wakenya pia, mkishafanya clout, iyo product yako iweze."

He seized the moment to use his show, Wife material, as a point of reference.

"Wife material inaweza, na usidanganywe na mtu, natoa watu kutoka Nigeria, so nikifanya clout ndio niwaletee Wife material, najua product yangu inaweza."

Eric spoke at a media briefing today, saying he was serious about promoting Kenyan music and was actively working towards it.

In the presser, he showed his draft motion on playing 75% KE music, which the designated Member of Parliament will propose on Tuesday.

"Mimi kama petitioner, nimeambiwa na watu wenye nimelobby 'Erico unataka nini?' wakasema put it in writing juu mimi siko parliament. Mimi naileta in a form inaitwa draft motion."

Addressing his job acceptance from Ringtone, Eric stated that he had not received any phone call, but he was ready any day, any time, as long as it was in Runda.

"Mimi nitafanya iyo kazi, ata bure, so long as ni Runda, juu Ringtone haishi Runda anaishi South-C," he said revealing that he moved to south c after he was auctioned.


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