Polygamy is legal, no need to kill - Steven Letoo advises women

The Kenyan constitution allows a man to marry two wives.

• Letoo has advised women against killing fellow women when they are introduced as second wives.

•  Many Kenyan men have more than two wives but keep it a secret.

He says it is time men introduced their wives to the co-wife.
He says it is time men introduced their wives to the co-wife.

TV personality Steven Letoo has advised Kenyan women to embrace polygamy.

Letoo says the sooner people accept that the better things will be and the lesser murder cases will be experienced.

"Polygamy is legal, no need to kill,"

Letoo noted that it is high time people accept the reality of polygamy in society and that men should introduce co-wives for a peaceful co-existence.

"Men are hunters and gatherers. Co-wives wajuane,"

Kenyans who openly have more than one wife include COTU Boss Francis Atwoli, The late Akuku Danger, Oparanya, and Professor Hamo, among others.

There are also celebs with different baby mamas even though some of these unions have not been officiated. These include Jalang'o, Oga Obinna, Diamond Platnumz, and Mbosso.

Peris Wambugu: True polygamy is legal but one must declare at the beginning of their union so that the partner entering the union is aware and is accepting that other spouses may be introduced later. polygamy is not done in hiding.

Cheaters should not hide under the umbrella of polygamy.

In the same breath, having more than one spouse should not be a privilege of only one gender. What is good for the gander is also good for the goose.

Normalize polyandry in the same breath if you are not accepting of your wife having other husbands then you have no business having other wives.

Hannah Derrick: Let men tell the first wife that he is intending to be polygamous from the start of their marriage, so that she will be psychologically prepared from the word go........... introducing other women later is EMOTIONAL blackmail.

Maryanne Gikonyo Morris: Be honest about what you want when you set out to be married! There are many women who do not want to be part of whatever you are hunting and gathering!

Lucy Mamai: Better advice for women to normalize divorce when things aren't working coz accepting a co-wife requires a lot of grace which most women don't have.

Faith Amos: Before you marry..tell the one you are marrying that you intend to be polygamous.. marry those who are okay with polygamy..don't force people into your situations. Read the so-called constitution, it's only legal in customary marriage alone..civil and church are monogamous .you can't turn a civil or church-iniated marriage into a polygamist one but you can turn a customary to a monogamous one.

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