Obinna happy to be a polygamous man

Father of four Oga Obinna called marriage a scam

•He would rather be a spouse to many and not one

•Obinna's confession got many hilarious rections

Oga Obinna smiling
Radio presenter Oga Obinna smiling
Image: Instagram

Comedian Oga Obinna chooses polygamy over anything else.

Speaking to SPM Buzz' Sheryl Anyango, Obinna said that he will never marry because it's a scam.

"Marriage is a scam."

Obinna is a father of four children from different baby mamas. He has never been married but believes in love. 

"But I believe in love. The idea is that being exclusive to one person for the rest of your life eh (shaking head no), because feelings change and feelings die."

He added that he fears the character development when a relationship dies

"You meet new people, they meet new people, then I have to pretend that this is this way. Unless it's marriage to a couple of people yeah! but if it's marriage to the same person over a period of time, its a scam because at some point one person is going to fall out of love as they were before and they'll want out like no no no and it will be chaotic and messy because anytime there is a divorce one party wants out, the other doesn't."

So marriage is a NO"

He added, "I'm a polygamous man. I'm a Luo man. I've got some Luo blood in me. Of  course, you know the river lake nilotes, you know the boat is always very rocky have you ever seen a boat still and it has water? if you don't gerrit it."

when the waves come (shaking from side to side)" Obinna laughed at the description.

His views on marriage also stem from an experience he says gave him serious character development, one that he will never forget.

Obinna lives with all his children and he said he admires having a complete family one day

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