• Kate Actress had travelled to South Africa for the Netflix talent appreciation week. 

• Phillip Karanja said he was genuinely happy for her.

and his wife Kate Actress
Philip Karanja and his wife Kate Actress

Catherine Kamau or if you wish, Kate Actress, on her travel to South Africa, was thrilled as she met her long-term bae Hloma Dandala.

An excited Kate took it on her socials to openly admit her crush on the superstar.

"Not me and my all-time crush @hlomladandala … he is the star of the show tonight," she stated.

The Kenyan Actress is happily married to super director Phillip Karanja and together they are blessed with two adorable children (Leon and Njeri).

Phil, as commonly referred to, celebrated Kate's boss moves as he said;

"I know what this means to you. I am genuinely so happy for you. Halafu unarudi lini? Nikama siwezi compete na rands."

In true Kate Actress spirit, she didn't let the response opportunity slide off casually

"Thank you … tafuta bibi I lost my passport," she sarcastically wrote.

On the premiere, kate was looking like the Kenyan diamond she is as she wore a .. .let me not even try. check it out

The award-winning actress, has flown the Kenyan flag high as she recently travelled to Johannesburg for the Bridgerton Season two screening.

As she was received at the airport in a Kenyan way, she did not shy off to say that she has worked for all the good tidings coming her way,

"I need to stop playing small, I deserve these things. I've worked for them, I've worked for the recognition."

Kate's crush,Hloma Dandala, is a South African actor, television presenter, and director. He is best known for his roles in The RiverHappiness Is a Four Letter Word, and The Republic.

On Justice is served he plays the freedom fighter.

The show comes after Netflix’s successful titles Savage BeautyYoung Famous & African, and Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star

Justice served is about a band of freedom fighters who invade the trial of a white police officer who shot a Black man and a hostage situation unfolds.

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