Pastor T comes to the help of Akorino twins, they apologize to Kenyans

Pastor T Mwangi intervenes as Akorino twins make public public apology

Piece by: Naomi Waweru

• Akorino twins reach out to Pastor T  before begging Kenyans for forgiveness .

• Let's pray for them and accept their public apology'  Mwangui said.

praying for Akorino twins Peter and Teddy Kimathi and Emily Peter's grlfriend
Pastor T Mwangi praying for Akorino twins Peter and Teddy Kimathi and Emily Peter's grlfriend
Image: Instagram

Celebrated youth pastor T Mwangi has come out to help viral Akorino twins and pregnant Emily make a religious public apology.

The Akorino twins have been forced to eat a humble pie and apologize to Kenyans for lying that they had impregnated the same lady. 

They asked Kenyan's to accept their apology and pray for them.

Mwangi said that he twins reached out to him saying they were really sorry for causing the fuss.

"Am happy to announce that the twins reached out and we had a powerful conversation and had prayers of restoration. They are sorry for what they did," Mwangi said. 

 To make ends meet, Peter and Teddy Kimathi two Akorino Twins decided to turn to social media "clout chasing".

They came out with claims that they were dating the same pregnant woman (Emily) a fellow Akorino lady.

The confession attracted a backlash on social media forcing them to make a U-turn.

The pregnant lady had alleged that she did not know who was responsible for the pregnancy between the twins.  

However, they later confessed that the pregnancy was Peter's and all the fuse was aimed at making money.

The trio being religious and especially from the staunch Akorino group makes the act even more 'bad'.

Hence the intervention from pastor T who promised to help them execute their plan in the right way.

"I believe they had a good idea but the wrong approach. We will walk with them and see them launch out that idea." the pastor said.

Kenyans have also reacted;

shikogathongo God is love! Pastor T you were born for such a time as this!!

becky_maush Ameeeeeeen and ameeeeen. Soo happy that God has given us the gift of you in this generation. Thank you for being there for our youth and bringing them to the right path 🙏🙏🙏🙏 more grace to you

jacjewelGood job man of God

Talk about forgiveness and tough love, the revered Pastor T will be remembered for this.