Meet pregnant Akorino woman in throuple with twin brothers

The 3 say that they get along very well

• She told that they sleep in the same bed.

• The two gentlemen love and don't mind sharing their woman.

Akorino dating and pregnant for twin brothers
Akorino dating and pregnant for twin brothers

A beautiful pregnant Akorino woman is clueless about who the father of her unborn child is. The woman explained this to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko saying that she is dating twins and has no idea who is the father of her child is.

The woman named Emily is dating two brothers Peter and Teddy. The Kimathi's are twins, "We share the same wife because we are twins."

Emily clarified "As in wote wawili ni my husbands." How is this possible? Emily said, "Wote wawili ni mabwana zangu. Nawapenda wote wawili."

Teddy added "We live together, we share the same bed, we are family. It's just like the way you say mtu na family yake. So in this case, ni watu na bibi yao."

Laughing, twin Peter insisted "There is a thing - a connection- twins have. When one twin loves, pia the other one loves. So that's how we have found ourselves in this situation. "

Peter met Emily first which she described in the video saying,

"It was a church function and I took note of them but the one who caught my attention is Peter. He had also noticed me. Then he approached me."

After that they began the talking stage of a relationship. They exchanged phone numbers but Peter didn't have a phone. He had Teddys phone. 

Emily claimed it was just a friendship type of relationship although Peter was crushing on her. 

Emily says she played hard to get.  At some point she admitted her feelings for him. This was all done over the phone. 

The funny part is that sometimes the other twin brother Teddy would respond to Emily's messages if his brother Peter was unavailable.

They later agreed on a physical date that both men went on. The brothers agreed that since they both flirted with her, they should all go on the same date.

Why did brother Teddy go for his brothers girlfriend? He defended his actions stating, "I mean I had the phone and if he was not available to respond, why shouldn't I? We have the same voice so it's very hard for her to notice. We have the same vibe pia. She never knew until the day we met."

They wore the same outfit and totally confused Emily. "When they came together in town, I was confused. They looked so alike even the voice."

How has dating been? They all said it was awesome.

Teddy told Nicholas Kioko that "It's awesome. I don't feel jealous about my brother. We are family. Yaani tuko friendly sana . No secrets, we share everything. We are best friends."

The three share the same bed. Emily adores the attention of both men.

"Si rahisi" She was unwilling to explain how the situation happens in the bedroom when prompted further.

Emily is pregnant and whose child is it?

"I don't know who the father is, juu unaona saa hadi tunashare the same bed. So I can't tell who the father is."

The pregnancy was also a surprise announcement with Emily calling the brothers who were at work to come home for the news.

Peter and Teddy both wanted to know who was responsible but they were elated all the same. Teddy while laughing said, "Sisi ni mabwana zake. We are the dads. We are the fathers."

Peter added, "Hio stori ni ngumu but we are not sure whose it is. She loves us and we have accepted because we are serious about her. Ni yetu sisi wote."

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