• He will make you crack up and reconsider some lame decisions you intended to make.

Mc Gogo in his element at Hornbill club, Rongai
MC Gogo Mc Gogo in his element at Hornbill club, Rongai
Image: Instagram

Franklin Gogo AKA emcee Gogo is a very  talented voice over artist who carries the crowd with  his deep voice.

Looking at him you will not think of him as the voice behind all the hype due to his slim stature.

He began mceeing 5 years ago in church then picked up in Tiktok where he got his fame and is now a sensation in clubs all over Kenya.

Night-club revellers are huge fans of this under 25 year-old Kenyan hype man for how skilled he is in packaging his humour mixed with a bit of hard truth at the same time.

Always standing beside a caught up in the hype DJ this hype men not only get in the mood themselves but also pull the crowd's attention towards them with simply their word of mouth.

His famous slogan being "ooh wayasaay" . his way with songs in relation to life is absolutely hilarious with the famous sugar-cane remix voice over gaining 2Million views on Instagram.

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Despite his exposure to the night-life he is a committed Christian according to an interview he did with radio Maisha stating;

"Nakuanga na show kila Saturday kwa club but Sunday asubuhi nakuanga kanisa"

When asked about alcohol he says that he likes ' sweet things' instead because alcohol is bitter and does not get why people enjoy it.

Being an emcee and his exposure to the hype life it is expected otherwise but the emcee doing psychology in campus is one of a kind.

He is one of the many young people who have become famous from the Tiktok platform seeing as that's is where he started out with his connections with famous deejays the pioneer show being dubbed as ''wanyamwez experience with dj Munge.''

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