• Kilundeezy has been pulling such stunts from time to time

• Netizens were convinced he needed psychiatric help, because what was that

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A  Tik Tok uder identified as  Kilundeezy, has caused a frenzy after he introduced a new challenge dubbed the 'boxer challenge'.

The challenge involves layering one's boxers in a column from top to bottom.

Kilundeezy introduced the challenge while jamming to Otile Brown and Meddy's song 'Dusuma'...'when you move to the left I go.' Yes! That one.

You would think the Tik Toker is a lay about, only to find out its the one and only Kilundeezy, the Form hit maker, featuring Trio Mio.

This is not the first absurd challenge to go viral on Tik Tok. Can we go down memory lane on some absurd challenges that Kenyans have attempted?

The crate challenge involved stacking milk/soda/bread crates into a structure that resembles a podium, with both sides of the structure functioning as stairs.

The 'starling' is expected to climb up to the top of the crates and back down without destroying the structure or falling, risking injury.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, though it was for a noble cause, it involved pouring ice water in a bucket over a person's head either by self-administered or by another person helping out.

This is not the first time the 'Uliskia Wapi' artist has pulled such stunts but you never know what's cooking in his pot. The male gender was concerned and utterly embarrassed as they gave their honest reviews; 

VanessaJoe: If I find my boyfriend doing that, I will just leave him. Ndingehota!

Tymoh: Apewe bra

Saint: ashonewe dera huyu

Ngaira: I'm convinced Kilundeezy is not a real person

Brian Korir: Nini husumbuanga huyu jamaa

 Warwathe: Jameni hizi ni gani

 Ksammy90: Thick body n head to the mud

Heard of the boxer challenge? Is it something you would be down for?

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