Makena Njeri opens up on life regrets

Makena shared that they had not been a "normal kid" nor did they fit into societal norms

• Makena Njeri is a vocal LGBTQ rights activist in Kenya.

• She used to be a journalist at BBC.

She has shared some of her life regrets
LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri She has shared some of her life regrets
Image: Instagram

CEO and founder of bold network Africa, Makena Njeri has come out to share some of the life regrets that she holds and things she wishes she knew earlier in life.

The entrepreneur who identifies by the pronounces, They/Them is a very vocal LGBTQ activist in Kenya and has openly shared titbits of her coming out the journey on social media however she does hold a few regrets in life. 

"I wish I was able to live my truth when I was a kid just like all the other kids," Makena revealed in a recent Instagram post.

Highlighting that being in the closet and not fully identifying herself and her nature did hurt her.

They however proceeded to state that despite not being able to do so back in the day, they are glad that they can live it now and make it easier for other kids to be able to live their truth.

 Makena shared a photo of her younger self highlighting the fact that they were giving to other kids what they wish had been given to them when they were younger.

"Currently living my truth and working for my community to make sure other kids have it easy. LOVE." Makena captioned the photo accompanying it with a love heart emoji.

She has opened up about her life regrets
Gay rights activist Makena Njeri She has opened up about her life regrets
Image: Instagram

In past interviews, Makena has openly talked about not being a "normal" kid or not gravitating toward societal set norms like the idea of specific toys for male or female children.

On why she came out, especially since Kenya isn't an open LGBTQ country she said, "I have made myself vulnerable and made my life an open book. All this so that my experiences can be the gateway to all people being loved for who they are and just as they are."'

Noting that however it hasn't been a smooth journey.

"I have had sad days when everything didn’t make sense at all breaking in every possible way. Spent days in police stations trying to make sense of it all while still being patient enough to educate the system." They revealed.

Makena further stated that the journey to self-discovery takes time, with love being the fuel.

"Figuring yourself out takes time, awareness plus adventure. Living in that identity to your fullest potential only requires love... Consistently! Hang in there it’s going to be okay. Be bold about who you are, love yourself and the world will adjust."

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