Milly WaJesus's younger brother proposes to lover

Milly Wa Jesus asked people to reach out to her for proposal ideas

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

•The WaJesus family is known to be vocal and passionate on matters of marriage and it was more than a celebration for them.

•Leon left many netizens disappointed as they thought they stood a chance

Milly's younger brother proposes
Milly Wa Jesus. Milly's younger brother proposes
Image: Instagram

The WaJesus family, Kabi and Milly, are excited as they got to witness their younger brother propose to his long-term girlfriend.

"So proud of my brother @leongracechild congratulations on your proposal." Milly WaJesus wrote.

"Congratulations to @leongracechild for this great milestone. Thank we feel so blessed to be an inspiration not only to our fans but also to our immediate family that #marriageworks." Kabi WaJesus noted.

The WaJesus family is known to be vocal and passionate on matters concerning marriage, and they remarked it was more than a celebration for them.

Leon and his girlfriend Kelly
Leon. Leon and his girlfriend Kelly
Image: Instagram

Milly WaJesus asked any young person to reach out to her, for proposal ideas.

"By the way, if you don't have a proposal idea just come to us tukupatie, si aty akikula githeri anaskia ring kwa mdomo anauliza what is this and then you ask will you marry me, apana! Lazima ikuwe kitu poa, ata kama itakuwa on a budget," the mother of two stated.

Her brother (Leon) noted that he decided to make the proposal public as he intends to encourage and challenge young men to value marriage.

It seems Leon disappointed many netizens as they thought they stood a chance, 

mariam_mwangi254: Uweeee Leon umeenda to ivo na nilikuwa na hopes😢😂

shiku_mkono1: Brother ya Milly ametoka soko just like that. Alafu Kuna Mimi na wewe 😂

Spiky Sajjy: Saying that it was awesome and well thought out is an understatement. To Kabi and Milly Tendann keep doing what you're doing many people are being groomed unknowingly.

hawaiikadzo2542: Wacha ningoje Obadiah Sasa juu Leon ameenda tu hivo 😢😢😢

olivia_254:Simtag huyo leon tumfollow labda anaweza change mind😘😘. Congratulations to them

i_am_careleon: Am heartbroken but nitawatch tu😂😂😂if you know

justine.uwiduhaye: Woiii yule nilikuwa na tegea nikifika kenya sasa amepata his soulmate 😂 congratulations leon👏👏👏

LYDIA kims : Congratulations Leon may you never get tired of your union may you two grow old together loving each other may God bless you both. wedding tualikwe

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