• Samidoh's latest photo on social media leaves fans talking.

• Karen Nyamu took the oath of office at the senate chambers today after her name was gazetted she made it in the list of nominated senators. 

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu's rock matching outfits
Samidoh and Karen Nyamu's rock matching outfits
Image: courtesy

Samidoh's name has been dragged into his baby mama's Karen Nyamu recent achievement.

Karen Nyamu took the oath of office at the Senate chambers today after her name was gazetted by IEBC as a nominated senator. 

Earlier on, the father of five shared a post about his upcoming show that is scheduled to go down today (Evening).

In the post, the veteran Mugiithi singer failed to talk about his baby mama or even send a congratulatory message.

Samidoh later stepped out in a navy blue suit that matched that of Karen Nyamu and fans were gushing about how good he looked.

According to some fans, Samidoh was preparing to treat his baby mama to a dinner after the occasion.

Later on, Nyamu used her insta-stories to share Samidoh's photo posing next to their son- fueling more speculations around their affair. 

shares Samidoh's photo
Karen Nyamu shares Samidoh's photo shares Samidoh's photo
Image: Instagram

Here is what he wrote;

"If you want fast replies from a lady, argue with her 🤗Tukutane @Icon Gardens Kenyatta Road ft Waithaka wa jane , @Mc Kogi investor & Grace ka Daddy."

His fans were not interested in his post and all they wanted was a congratulatory message to Karen and to appreciate how well he was dressed today.

Here are some of the reactions;

renee.njoroge: Congratulations sasa umeingia Senate thru Karenzo

Angel Sam Njoroge: Navy blue and sky blue was the theme colour of the day. 

Peris K Hanniel: Mimi bado nangoja u congratulate Hon.. Senator on her nomination usikue kama ule mwingine amekataa kuisema publicly.

Thex Gathekia Wa Ngige: Kuna sherehe bro Leo vyenye umepimisha hiyo suti na mama muchoki junior ameapishwa this time round watu wasipumue SGR cheza viserious.

Pretty Gal: We know this day is important to your family.mitch matchy is that you.

Prince Kevin Onsare: Seriously. Bro, you have congratulated her.

Antony Nyaga: Mbona hujacongratulate bibi na ameapishwa saa hii pale senate.

For the reminder, Samidoh and Karen have two children together and the two are on good terms.

In July this year, Karen visited Samidoh's hometown and took a photo together at Lake Olbolosat.

Samidoh is married and has three children with his wife Edday Nderitu.

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