Justina Wamae to apply for PS/CS job

Former Roots Party Running mate Justina Wamae has revealed her next month post election lose

• Justina wants advocacy jobs or a PS, CS position in the next Government.

• Agriculture is her main interest with  the youth.

She will be vying for CS job.
Roots Party's Justina Wamae She will be vying for CS job.
Image: Instagram

 Former Roots Party Running Mate Justina Wamae has revealed her next move, post the August 9 poll loss.

In an interview on September 1 with SPM Buzz, Wamae said she holds no regrets about her attempt in politics, only lessons learned.

"In my opinion, the election is over, what we are waiting for ni validation and maisha iendelee mbele , My purpose as a running mate is over it served the purpose"

How did she feel when she was replaced as Roots Party Deputy running mate?

The vocal lawyer told SPM that

"I was happy because it is something that has been boiling over  nivenye nadhani party leader alikuwa anashindwa atanifanya aje to get rid of me. So I was happy that we have delinked coz yeye aliona hataki kukaa na mimi."

What are her plans post politics?

"What I can tell Kenyans is that number 1 election is over, let's get back to work. I am happy that Kenyans in general are peaceful .

In 2017, I had declared my interest for the Mavoko Mp seat and i lost, , then in 2018, i applied for a PS job that was advertised.

So that Government that will be in power, it is required by law to advertise position ya PS na CS. I will apply and hope for the best."

Justina has no regrets and intends to continue with her passion for youth and their development. 

"vijana pia khawakupiga kura, so for one I will Lobby that the minute a youth clears form four, they should get three things: ID, KRA PIN na voters card."

She also added her moment of fame inspired her to do more

"Secondly I will work with youth, they have a vision they can drive Kenya forward they have a vision to be active citizens and we will also look to work with disenfranchised youth who don't believe the system works, so that we even show them to be active citizens."

Her third mission post election lose will be

"But thirdly, advocacy. Maneno ya bhangi, we are not saying ya kuvuta, we are talking about medicinal purpose bhangi. Industrial hemp. I want young people to know that huwezi andika madereva kumi secretaries kumi, so those youth who were campaigning fore you ni hao hutawaandika kazi. "

Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoya and his running mate Justina Wamae at KICC ahead of party's menifesto launch on June 30, 2022
Roots party presidential candidate Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoya and his running mate Justina Wamae at KICC ahead of party's menifesto launch on June 30, 2022

The passionate lawyer told that her prayer is to lobby for the regulation of industrial hemp/bhangi.

" This will also revive industries like Pan Paper. Industrial hemp can make paper. So we will lobby to revive economies. I want to urge youth we work together and lobby because not all of us will be employed but we can do self-employment, through industrial hemp"

What does Justina think about KOT backing her to get a job?

"Kenyans are bright, they have woken up they appreciate bright people, they have been lobbying for to get a government job in the next incoming Government."

She added

"It's not often Kenyans lobby for someone, so I am very humbled "

Justina landed in trouble for congratulating President-elect William Ruto. Defending her move Justina told that

 "alishinda I am ready to work with William Ruto. Nikipewa hio fursa siwezi kataa I love public service My passion is public service. Nitafanya klazi na yeye"

Justina told SPM Buzz that "I have no regrets. I only have lessons. Lesson number one is I was naive. Politics is about interests. I was too naïve to believe that there is an agenda here. So I learned that it is good to move with someone genuine and who has the interests of Kenyans. But the most important thing is as a woman and youth if you are given the limelight show what youth and women in Kenyan can do."

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