Octopizzo pleads with President-Elect William Ruto to decriminalize weed

• Presidential aspirant George Wajakoya has never smoked bhang.

• He had promised to smoke it on the day he will be elected the fifth President of Kenya.

at CUEA for Presidential debate
George Wajackoyah at CUEA for Presidential debate
Image: Ezekiel Aminga

Kenyan rapper Octopizzo has requested Presidential elect William Ruto to decriminalize weed once he gets sworn in.

Through a video shared on Instagram, he pleaded

"I know you are a Christian but please decriminalize weed, It is one of the holiest plants. We know of government officials who are in the weed business."

Octo further added that only people dealing with many kilos of weed should be dealt with."

Smoking weed
Smoking weed

According to him, it's unfair to be arrested and jailed for years over a joint of weed.

"I know this will take a lot of prayers to understand. There are people in Kamiti for are in possession of weed because of having one joint worth 100.

Most of us smoke weed to deal with our anxieties. "

Speaking during an interview on Citizen TV, he said, "I have never smoked. I will smoke bhang on the first day of my swearing-in to exorcise the demons from the Statehouse where Kenyatta was buried.

I will smoke around Parliament and KICC. I will smoke to remove the demons that remained so that we can have a corruption-free party."

Wajackoya became an instant sensation because he pledged to legalize marijuana.

He also said snake farming is a lucrative venture that his government will consider if elected in the August 9, polls.

He divulged that toxins extracted from farmed poisonous snakes are worth a fortune in the anti-venom market and can drive Kenya's economy alongside weed farming.

"We are introducing snake farming in the country so that we can extract snake poison for medication. 

A lot of people are bitten by snakes in this country and you have to wait for doses from outside the country through pharmaceutical cooperation," Wajackoyah said in an interview with Citizen TV Wednesday night.

While in Kenya for the WRC Safari Rally championship, Jamaican sensation Tarrus Riley also supported Wajackoya's weed manifesto.

According to Riley, human beings are more illegal than the weed itself.

He said;

"Legalise weed! I think human beings are more illegal than weed and I don't need politics to tell me that," he said.

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