Wajackoya rocks in lawyer attire during Pre-Trial conference

The pretrial conference at the Supreme court kicke doff Tuesday August 30.

• Prof George Wanjckoya arrived ready to attend the hearing.

• The prof had on his usual durag under the official lawyer wig worn in courtrooms.

Prof. George Wajackoyah arrives at the Supreme Court of Kenya for the Pre-Trial Conference
Prof. George Wajackoyah arrives at the Supreme Court of Kenya for the Pre-Trial Conference
Image: Judiciary

Professor George Wajackoyah arrived in style at the Supreme Court of Kenya for the Pre-Trial Conference Tuesday, August 30th, 2022.

The Roots Party leader was in his capacity as a lawyer and what many noticed about him was that he still had on his durag under the wig.

Judges and lawyers wear the wig that's also known as peruke to bring a sense of formality and solemnity to the proceedings.

The legal profession has always been considered an elite occupation.

Wajackoya was also wearing the customary robe, that signifies a well-dressed professional.

It is customary for lawyers and judges to wear black gowns, white neckbands, and grey wigs.

Wigs were a symbol of power and dignity, and it was used to distinguish lawyers from people belonging to other sections of society.

Wigs and their introduction into the judicial and legal systems can also be attributed to the French. King Louis XIV of France is considered by many historians as the source of popularising wigs in the European nations.

Meanwhile, the Pre trial conference kicked off at 11am for the Presidential petition.

The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition and eight other petitioners want the Supreme Court to overturn President-elect William Ruto's win citing irregularities and a mismatch of election results.

Issues being discussed are the interlocutory application and anyone seeking to be enjoined as amicus curiae.

It will also see the allocation of time and which matters will take precedence during the trial.

Nine petitions were lodged last week seeking to overturn William Ruto’s win.

The conference will make a list of the issues that the court will determine and make a decision by Monday.

The conference is being heard by seven judges who are presiding over the petition arising from the 9 August elections.

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