Maina Kageni decries lack of 'Kienyeji' ladies in Kanairo

Maina misses the days were just simple.

• Maina Kageni says gone are the days when women would walk around without makeup or additional beauty enhancements.

• Some joked that kienyeji status only last past Kangemi when young women are coming to Nairobi for the first.

and Mwalimu King'ang'i
Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i
Image: Instagram

Radio King Maina Kageni has lamented about a shortage of Kienyeji ladies in Nairobi.

Kienyeji means ladies who are natural and do not use enhancements such as makeup, weaves, wigs, or cosmetic surgeries among other things to look beautiful.

"I have never seen a kienyeji woman in Nairobi.Is there a woman in Nairobi without make-up? Sabina chege is very beautiful but she is not kienyeji?"

Asked Maina

To which Mwalimu King'ang'i responded

"Wako, immediately they reach Nairobi that status ends."

*Kevo narrated a story in which he met a lady with a corset only for her 'belly' to go hanging once let loose.

"Alikuwa malisafi, but when she removed her corset I became sober.I felt like running away.We are being robbed even the Supreme Court or IEBC can't help solve this."

*Mike hilariously narrated

"I was in a club and a fight ensued, a lady was beaten I saw dust leave her face.

Kumbe it's her makeup. it was like her face was cracked. Nowadays when we want to know if a lady is kienyeji

She gets into the pool as Patricia and leaves a Paul Okoye."

Ladies, would you go for a day without makeup?

Men do you love your woman kienyeji or with makeup?

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