• Maina Kageni dropped out of university to be a truck driver in the UK.

• His mum only learned about his dropping out after 1 year.

being interviewed
Maina Kageni being interviewed
Image: Saidi Abdallah

Radio King Maina Kageni says he would never consider vying for a governor seat as he lacks the right educational qualifications.

Among the qualifications one must have is a degree from a certified university something that Maina Kageni doesn’t have.

Maina dropped out of school and opted to be a truck driver. Speaking during the Morning Conversation on Classic 105, he said,

“I have no degree so I cannot even look for that job (Governor). You cannot go and bring a degree form just anywhere and present it. You cannot buy papers you will be found out at some point.”

Mwalimu King’ang’i joked about it saying that at least he came back with something.

“At least ulirudi na kizungu, so you ate all that money na hio baridi yote? Most people look for Universities that are remotely located ndio Chebukati asiended huko.”

Maina’s mum found out about him dropping out after a year. Meanwhile, he would work as a truck driver and fish distributor for some Chinese firm.

Responding to his online Q&A session with fans, he disclosed:

“For the 25 years, my mum only forgave me last year (2021).”


“I ate all my school fees by living large in the UK. My mum found out and she was not happy with me until last year. She called me home and after dinner, she told me she had forgiven me for not going to university.”

Kenyans have reacted to Sakaja faking a degree and here are some of the reactions below;

*Tony says

“They knew very well that a degree is necessary when vying for a governor seat.They go to very funny universities trying to fake papers, they want to cheat their way around and it’s disgusting.They should give us a break and follow the law.”


“Many students have gone to school but they are struggling.If a thorough investigation is done then there are many fake degrees.

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