Maina Kageni responds to Kaz for defending Alchemist on racism claims

Celebrities responded to Kaz' post with utter disbelief.

Karen 'Kaz' Lucas
SInger and content creator Karen 'Kaz' Lucas

Karen 'Kaz' Lucas has found herself in a very precarious position after she defended Alchemist Club after they were accused of segregating their patrons based on race.

Here is a video in case you missed it.

This video led to an uproar that saw Nairobi governor Ann Kananu suspend the operating licence of Alchemist Club over racial discrimination claims.

Kaz took to her social media and blamed 'keyboard bullies' for the club's closure saying the employees of the club will be out of work.

Kaz wrote, "The number of jobs lost, hungry homes and loss @alchemist254 has had to suffer at the hands of keyboard bullies is just dispeakable! (sic) You have no idea how powerful your phones are till you're responsible for all the mouths that go hungry from your actions."

She loudly threw her support behind the Alchemist club despite the racism claims, adding, "Yes we can all be activists but use your power wisely. Look what you've done. Shame shame on you!! #iSupportthealchemist."

Celebrities responded to her post with utter disbelief.

Radio King Maina Kageni pointed out? "Hilo neno "dispeakable" ni nini? Anyway, Tuendelee na conversation. (That word, "dispeakable", what does it mean? Anyway, let us keep the conversation going.)"

Comedian YY added, "This is pure lack of wisdom…Where will you be free if you are a slave in your own country….In fact, Kenyans are lenient to not have caused physical mayhem…The law will do whatever it takes to speed up an investigation even if it’s closure …this is an issue against community guidelines so It has to be taken seriously to the core…"

Here are some more reactions by Kenyans online.

gasman_walter: Until she is the victim she will know what racism means.#endracism So we're supposed to tolerate racism in our own motherland to look good?? Atuwache pia aiiiii

sarah_petite11: The ignorance with people 😑they’re the same people that will chant Black Lives Matter yet doing the opposite in their country

damanfit: I'm drinking my ☕ ☕ reading through these comments ...Cinematic .

iam_bett: Reminds me of Kanye West's assertion "Slavery was a choice"

caterinaplesh: If they didn't want to loose their jobs they should have known black skin matters n this is our land

ephymuita: Everyone is Equal , Be it white yellow black , we breath the same air, use the same water ,. Nini hiyo burukenge inasema.

abdy_hafidh: Huyu aliachiwa atumia gate ya wazungu 😂😂

wickey_black: Yaani anaeneza ukoloni kwetu...😂😂😂

angilaoluoch: Okay this is a low blow coming from her 🙄😳 what are we supposed to do?? Bow and worship our colonizers??? We are not our ancestors,we will get them chased out of this country if we have to 😡

lydia_ngugi: Wewe mambo ya alchemist achia watu wa alchemist waongee...enda uambie gava ikupee kazi🚮🚮🚮🚮

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