KOT react to Jalas alleging he was offered money by Kenya Kwanza

KOT thought he was pushing the button too hard.

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Jalang'o said he was being offered money during an interview at Ramogi Tv.

• KOT thought he was pushing too hard.

Image: Instagram

Langata Mp-elect, Jalang'o's interview at Ramogi TV, has elicited reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.

 Jalang'o stated that he had been asked to visit Ruto's residence in Karen, and he was being offered money to leave the Raila Odinga-led camp, he however concealed how much money was extended.

"We have been called severally. What is important is that you should stand for your beliefs and the party that sponsored you to parliament."

"If you know what you stand for, then you cannot join Kenya Kwanza. We are ready to serve in the opposition even if the supreme court does not rule in favor of Raila," he stated.

Here are some reactions from KOT,

PAPI: Jalas can lead the opposition in the parliament. 

klyntone motachi: If Jalas is going to behave this way then am sorry he won't succeed in his second term

Car Hire Nairobi: Jalas @JalangoMwenyewe wants to be Nairobi Governor 2027, and then luo Kingpin // President ...people don't understand his ambition, Langata is just a stepping stone to the throne

G: I thought Jalas is a decent man

Kathima: Jalango ata hajakula mshahara ya kwanza..... Ashaanza kubeba watu ufala. What really happens to them wakisha chaguliwa ???

Ronney Omondi: Jalas they will pick you in River yala siasa watu hufunga midomo some just tell your boss but not to the public like this alah .

Isack Kiprop: Jalas show us phone call recordings!!! Just relax president Ruto is a smart guy! He will never imagine having you on his side!!!! so tuliza ball!!!

Kymani Marley: I agree with you bro, hawa watu wanasema ni uwongo, ni venye wako brainwashed and blindfolded by the handouts from Kenya Kwanza. Sycophancy will kill some people one day. Jalas huku Muranga tumesimama wima na Azimio. Justice be our shield and defender

MICHAEL OLLINGA: Jalas is establishing himself as a dependable Baba soldier Babu Owino style. Political mileage

GK Babu: Jalas is always with the wrong group, man is happy even in sad times

Willy Muturi: Jalas took his comedy to leadership very sad

Doktari Wa Mifugo: Who else feels Jalas is suffering from a political inferiority complex?

CK.:Jalas is making it known that Raila isn't winning this thing. utangoja 6k hadi ukufe

Nasky: honestly Jalas should go slow into politics. he has a great future ahead but akianza hivi atapotea.

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