Not yet, guys! Lillian Nganga and Juliani await their newborn any day now

This matter had been kept secret by the couple and their pals

• The baby will be Juliani's second child and Lillian Nganga's first.

Celebrity couple Juliani and Lillian Nganga are yet to welcomed their first child together.

Lillian Nganga, a former first lady of Machakos, has never addressed the pregnancy rumors by pundits who claim that the baby will be born this month.

In an Instagram post, Nganga attached a photo of herself with the caption: “July, 2022 … 🌺 …I know you’ll be good. I am ready to receive it all.#nuevomes #julio #grateful.”

Numerous messages of congratulations from her supporters were left in response to the post. Many thought their bundle of joy had arrived.

Well, that was not he case.

dropped this post on July 7
Lillian Nganga, dropped this post on July 7

In another post she wrote a very cryptic message that read, "...and with each morning, I am in awe."

In another post a week later, she wrote, "Abundance."

All this fueled the news that their little one had arrived.

A source who whispered ever so faintly in our eyes said, "Not yet. Hold your horses guys. Lillian and Juliani have not yet welcomed their baby."

dropped this post on July 14
Lillian Nganga dropped this post on July 14

The baby will be Juliani's second child and Lillian's first.

Juliani keeps his relationships and children out of the limelight and little is known about his brood.

When he welcomed his first child with actress Brenda Wairimu, Juliani was very protective of his relationship and newborn.

He told sections of the media, "Yes, the child is mine. I have been with her (Brenda) for four years and we've planned for it. I thank God, for this is a blessing. You never know, we might be parents of a great leader."

Pressed harder, Juliani explained why he has not paraded his daughter on social media.

"But why should we? Just because everyone is doing it. No, we don’t have to."

Adding, "All people should know is that baby is fine. We love her and it’s beautiful to watch her grow. Her mother is fine too.

We’re all good. Everything is fine. That should summarise everything you want to know about them."

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